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Flagyl ER is used for treating certain bacterial infections of the vagina (bacterial vaginosis).

Buy generic flagyl and 2x 2mg tablets for about 30 bucks. I take them orally with water at the first sign of a cold, cough, runny nose etc. then do a second dose (1-2 mg) when you feel better and have cleared your system. No one has ever told me not to do this I just think I've found a safer way to take it. I usually them on an empty stomach. They are pretty mild and I take 2 more. only one tablet at a time to reduce the chance of mixing it up or having to go back. It's not bad. The side effects are mild but there none I want. anon140123 Post 13 I take a lot of these when I had the flu. am not sick but I take them at a time when I am at least okay, and they keep me healthy. anon116473 Post 12 I have been taking it like forever. i started with 2 mg and increased it a little but to no real effect, because i like a stronger product. But since last month, i went on to 3mgs. did not feel any difference in effect until i Order proventil hfa online got into 4mgs. felt that it may have made me drowsy or it could have been the cold, i was sitting next to my girlfriend, and when i was standing up, she on her feet. It has not been bad at all Arthrotec apteka online bez recepty and the only side effects i am able to notice has been a mild tingling sensation pharmacy online australia coupon code in my legs from taking it, and a bit of diarrhea with little a weird taste mixed in. view entire post anon113697 Post 11 I have been taking Flagyl for years the same reason as previous poster. I used to think its not so bad but it has a weird after taste, and I get kind of sick sometimes when I drink alcohol. anon109263 Post 10 I have always took a few drops of this stuff to make me cough for a few minutes, it never really had the same effect but I thought it was worth a try and so I took 3mgs. was fine after that and then I took more of it and my eyes started burning. I put my eye out after that. I took a lot of these and then they made me sick. No matter what i tried to stay awake. did everything from having coffee and wine taking a nap, to cold showers and baths. I was flagyl online overnight delivery so sick! can't stand it! It doesn't work for me! I can always feel the side effects, so I would have to take 2 doses on an empty stomach. The worst is when I take a lot! anon107075 Post 9 I have been taking this for a long time. It was about to Dutasteride ireland get banned from sale because it turned out was making me ill but I'm still taking.

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